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It’s a weird, unsettling and horrible time at the moment. I’m finding it really odd not being in my usual routine of going to work (although my work does feel busier than ever), and yet at the same time it feels bizarre to be living a semi-normal life while the world is burning around us. I will forever be in awe of all of the key workers fronting into the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, but particularly those who work for the NHS.

One of the few benefits I’ve found of working at home is the fact I barely have to give a thought to my outfit – and if I’m sitting at my desk for hours on end, comfort is key (I’m more used to running between meetings so sitting still in front of my laptop for 9 hours a day is different!). That being said, I like to feel like I have got up properly, and got dressed – a half-routine to start my day and feel motivated. So, I thought I’d show you my favourite things to wear while working at home. I tend to go smarter on my top half and comfy on the bottom half seeing as I’m spending a lot of time on video calls at the moment

1. Les Girls Les Boys tracksuit

The fact that this is co-ordinated somehow makes me feel like I’ve got it together, whilst feeling like I’m wearing pyjamas. It’s in the sale now, too. Dreamy!


2. Uniqlo Tracksuit Bottoms

These are great value and so comfy. I sized up for a baggier fit (I have a small). I really rate Uniqlo for all of my basics at a really good price – especially if you get cold sat still at home like I do, their heat tech range is great.

3. A good jumper

I have a few jumpers I’ve been rotating (with trackies or leggings on my bottom half!). This pink Mango one is similar (but nicer..!) than one I’ve been wearing on rotation.

4. Comfy slippers 

I absolutely love my UGG slippers, and have been living in them lately. They do last for a long while (I’ve had mine four years now!). They often go into the sale (they’re currently 20% off at Office) so I’d recommend holding off for sales. 

5. Sweaty Betty trousers

I got a pair of these for Christmas a couple of years ago, and they’re so cosy for home working! 

A final point on deliveries at the moment! I’m hyper aware that none of the items here are essentials; to avoid putting too much pressure on delivery services you can opt for a slower delivery, giving them more flexibility.

Hope you all stay comfy! 

Liv xx

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