Luxurious gifts for women at a fraction of the price they should be? 

Enter Beauty Pie…

This is a sponsored post from Beauty Pie – but I’m a long time customer and super fan.

 It’s no secret how much I love Beauty Pie for myself, but being a member is also the dream for gifts at this time of year. Every time I’ve given Beauty Pie to girl friends or family in the past I’ve had great feedback (‘can you get me the same again this year please!’ gift requests). 

And don’t worry, there’s still time to order in time for Christmas – your last day is 21st Dec for standard UK shipping, and 22nd Dec for express.

Here are the fab Beauty Pie products I’m gifting this year (if you’re a friend or family member, stop reading now please). 

1. LA POESIE DES CHIFFRES CANDLE  (£25 Members Price; £65 for non-members)

All the Beauty Pie candles I’ve tried are great; this is their newest and smells delicious. Great for that January pick-me-up I’m sure we’ll all need. 

SUPER HEALTHY SKIN™ NOURISHING BODY POLISH (£16.50 Members Price; £40 for non-members)

This is such a crowd pleaser. It’s luxurious, smells amazing, lasts forever, and revives dry winter skin. It also comes in a convenient travel size, too.

LUXURY MAKEUP BRUSH COLLECTION (£90 Members Price; £250 for non-members)

A great one for someone you really love! The quality of these brushes is incredible. The set comes with 10 brushes in a lovely case. Transformational for make-up application. 


BARGAIN ALERT. This is such a great gift set. I’m giving this to a friend and I’m really excited for her to have it. The lipstick comes in a re-usable case – so clever – and the nail varnish is a perfect ‘festive but not in your face’ shimmery shade. 


SMALL CLEAR MAKEUP CASE (£16 for members, £20 for non-members) 

I think this is the perfect addition to any other beauty gift. The design means it’s not only easy to find your products, but it’s easy to find this case in your bag – especially if you’re an over-packer like I am. It comes in a great dust bag, too. 


Beauty Pie is a membership that gives you access to top quality beauty & wellness products without the big mark-ups you normally get in luxury beauty. The products are manufactured in the world’s top beauty labs (yep – the same that are used by the super high end brands, in Switzerland, Japan, Korea, Italy, I could go on…). 

If you want to give Beauty Pie a go, you can use CMBHSENTME to get £10 off the annual PLUS membership, or if you don’t want the commitment you can now shop as a non-member using code BEAUTY50 to get 50% off the typical (higher) price (limited time only).

This is a sponsored post, but I’m a long time customer and big fan! 

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