It’s getting colder!

My favourite coats in the shops right now

Autumn is very much here and I’m actually quite relieved. I love a chunky knit, a nice coat and I really love boots! The shops are full of great coats at the moment, so I thought I’d share some of them with you. I’ve included a range of price ranges, but I do think that if you’re going to be wearing a coat a lot, it’s worth the extra investment. M&S is always a great shout for quality for a reasonable price. That being said, last year I picked up a couple of colourful coats in Primark for £25 as I was worried the style/colour wouldn’t stay in fashion – they’re pretty nackered now, but served a purpose!

A coat really makes an outfit – I like coats that I can dress up for work, but equally can wear with jeans and trainers at the weekend. I also think that everyone should own a trench coat – it’s completely timeless and so useful to put on when it’s not quite cold enough for a wool or thicker coat. Here’s a few of my recent faves I’ve spotted on the high street (and beyond): 

I also really really rate the Uniqlo down jackets that pack up into a little bag. I often keep mine in my rucksack for work incase it gets a bit chillier, and it’s great when it’s really really cold out to wear as an undercoat (mine’s a bit like this).

I recently bought this lil cutie from Zara. I ummed and ahhed about whether to keep it, but in the end my clutsy alter ego made the decision for me, as I lost the receipt. But actually, I’m pretty happy that happened – I wore it for the first time today and it was super cozy. I like the fact it looks like a blazer, but is actually much thicker and warm enough on cold mornings like this morning.


           Zara Coat, £79.99; M&S Shoes, £25

The second coat I bought which I think means I’m now sorted for the season is this lovely one from M&S. I think the quality is exceptional for the price (I’d go as far as saying it feels like Hobbs!), and it’s perfect to be smart enough for work but also works with jeans and trainers.


Marks and Spencer Coat, £69

Anyway, I hope you find the perfect coat this Autumn – there’s nothing better than a cosy coat that makes you feel great! And hey, maybe your partner will like the one you choose.

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