When I first heard about Beauty Pie, I thought it was an interesting concept but didn’t know how it’d practically work. So when the brand approached me to give them a try, I was keen to give it a go. Before we go any further, I should probably tell you that I am a total convert and cannot get enough of Beauty Pie. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve been fully Pied.
I’ve been even
more impressed with Beauty Pie since the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak –  they’ve recognised how tough it is at the moment and have really stepped up. They’ve frozen all monthly memberships for at least two months, plus are giving 20% off annual memberships which are due for renewal. Nice one, Beauty Pie. 

Image of candle and beauty pie products
How beautiful are the bottles?

So what is Beauty Pie?

Beauty Pie is a membership based concept which gives you access to the beauty products from the world’s best labs at a fraction of the price they typically cost. They do this by not having the mark-ups traditional high end beauty products include, such as celebrity marketing, physical stores and expensive packaging (although I still LOVE their packaging). So essentially, by becoming a Beauty Pie member, you can get more for your money and a luxury grade product. 

There are three monthly membership tiers, which give you differing levels of allowance to spend each month on the online store. To get an extra £50 allowance in your first month, use code CMBHSENTME. You’re welcome. Don’t worry if you don’t spend your full allowance each month though – you can always roll it over (I saw someone say they were saving theirs for Christmas presents which is a great idea). There’s also an annual membership option. The website also makes the pricing of each product super transparent, showing the typical price on the high street and then the cost to Beauty Pie members. The saving almost felt too good to be true, but once I got my hands on the products I realised it was most definitely real! 

Pink box with word "Pie Day"
PIEDAY is now a highlight of my month

The actual products are a game changer

I’ve given a variety of products a go so far – some skincare, make up and home fragrances. I thought I’d tell you my favourite five – this was pretty hard to decide, as none have come close to disappointing me. 

  1. Super Healthy Skin Amazing Sleep Oil [£14.99 for Beauty Pie members; the typical price is £75]

I’ve been using this each night since I first got it a month ago, and I am so impressed. It was recommended by the team, which I’m so glad for as it wouldn’t be something I’d usually try – I’d head towards my comfort zone of cleansers and moisturisers. Despite being an oil, it’s not greasy. You pop a couple of drops on your face at night, massage it in and it moisturises and tightens your skin. It also smells FAB. 

2. Superdose Vitamin C Oxygen Boosting Moisturiser  [£10.07 for Beauty Pie members; the typical price is £50]

I was recommended Vitamin C to help with breakouts and my skin has definitely cleared up since using this. I have been putting this on daily before make up (or using it alone when I’m not wearing make up) and I’ve found it really gives me a glow.

3. Clean House Candle  [£14.20 for Beauty Pie members; the typical price is £40]

We moved house recently and the flat we moved into was really dirty. This candle is a gorgeous linen-y smell and is SO STRONG (in a good way). Within days the flat started to smell more ‘us’. 

 4. QI Energy Ginseng Root & Ginger Brightening Eye Fix  [£8.23 for Beauty Pie members; the typical price is £40]

I look tired very easily so anything to help my eye bags is appealing for me. This eye cream is light, refreshing and reduces bags – perfect in the morning. I’ve spent *too* much money on expensive eye cream in the past; I’d say compared to the others I’ve tried, this exceeds the £40 price tag. 

5. FutureLipstick in Power Up Pink Matte [£4.06 for Beauty Pie members; the typical price is £20]

I am a total sucker for a bright lipstick. Not only does my boyfriend hate it, but it really cheers me up (and I really need cheering up at the moment!). This compares SO well against my collection – I’ve worn it for hours on end without needing to top it up, and it’s not drying which is a hard quality to find in a matte lipstick. 10/10 from me.

This post is in partnership with Beauty Pie,  which includes free use of their service & products. Thanks to the team at Beauty Pie for introducing me to such a cool brand and improving my skin, I can’t wait for my next PIEDAY! 

Bottle of Beauty Pie Moisturiser
OOTD: this, on repeat

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