I’m Olivia, a twenty-something year old Londoner. My boyfriend despises my high street purchases so I’ve decided to start documenting the #clothesmyboyfriendhates (much to his disappointment).

This all began when I started including the #clothesmyboyfriendhates hashtag on my personal Instagram page – which my friends thought was hilarious. So while on hols with a spare five minutes, I created my @clothesmyboyfriendhates Instagram. A few months later and here I am, writing this on a blog!

You’ll normally find me with my friends after work in a London pub, browsing in Zara on Tottenham Court Road (the best one, in my opinion), or working away at my marketing job with a good flat white (in my pink Keepcup, obvs).

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I hope you like what my boyfriend hates!

Olivia x
Awkwardly posing since the 90’s

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